Quality Powder Coating offers a broad selection of powder coatings in Utah. They come in various colors, textures and glosses to fit your project requirements.

For the fastest turnaround, we suggest that you browse our powder coating color swatches. If you require assistance, get in touch with us, and we’ll find a custom shade and texture for your projects.

An Attractive, Durable Finish

From pastel shades to neon colors, our powder coated colors stand out more than standard paint. On top of their aesthetic appeal, our powder coating colors in Utah are long-lasting and shine brightly even under the harshest conditions.

Make sure your materials are in good condition for years to come. Achieve an attractive and durable finish for your metal surfaces with Quality Powder Coating.

Color Choices Represent Function

Unsure of what color to choose for your powder coatings? Use the function of your metal surfaces as a guide in selecting the right color. Bright colors can, for instance, warn occupants of a potential hazard zone. Using colors that align with your branding theme, on the other hand, make it easier for customers to remember you.

Our colors, however, provide more than visual signals and identification. Our powder coating colors and texturing materials are more durable than custom paint, providing added protection. Create a safe work environment and mark slippery areas with powder coated items.

Below you’ll find our complete selection of powder coating colors. Use our color selection on display as a guide in selecting a color for your project. Select the tile below for additional information on each powder coating color.

Looking for a more specific color? Give us a call at (801) 794-1816 to order a custom color for an additional charge.


Sky White Powder Coating Color
White Powder Coating Color


Anti Skid Black Powder Coating
Black Fine Texture Powder Coating
Black Magic Powder Coating
Black Wrinkle Powder Coating
Matte Black Powder Coating
Fire Black Powder Coating
Poly Black Peel Powder Coating
Semi-Gloss BLack Powder Coating
Shuttle Black Powder Coating


Electric Grey Powder Coating
Hammertone Gray Powder Coating
Steel Gray Powder Coating


Brown Powder Coating Colors
Light Brown
Pearl Brown Powder Coating


Designer Beige Powder Coating


DGS Powder Coating
Stardust Silver PowderCoating


Copper Vein Powder Coating
Polyester Powder Coating
Textured Copper


Dark Bronze
Quaker Bronze Powder Coating
Spartan Bronze Powder Coating
Statuary Bronze Powder Coating


Hammertone Red Powder Coating
Red Powder Coating
Oxide Red Powder Coating
Wine Red


Blue Powder Coating
Candy Blue Powder Coating


Fir Green Powder Coating
Table Green Powder Coating


Safety Yellow Powder Coating


Safety Orange Powder Coating