Powder Coating for Dune Buggies

Powder coating dune buggies are the best option for the harsh environment you’ll be riding in. Our durable colored powder coats will truly bring out your style and personality on the trail.

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Benefits of Powder Coating Utah Dune Buggies

Whether you ride in the desert, the mountains, through mud, rain, or snow, you’ll have the peace of mind your dune buggy powder coat can handle it. Our super durable powder coat protects your dune buggy from rusting due to chipping, scratching, and UV rays. Live life on the edge, don’t let rust get in your way.

Our surface preparation includes sandblasting down to a clean white metal finish. This helps remove any rust or corrosion, and helps the powder adhere to the metal. We then use an epoxy primer to seal the metal from moisture and protects the metal for many more years. Next we finishing with a durable top coat in the color of your choice for complete protection of your dune buggy.

Bring your dune buggy frame in today and give the protection it deserves.


Powder Coating for Dune Buggies: Color Options

Quality Powder Coating offers a large selection of powder coating colors to choose from for every project. Choose a neutral powder coating color to camouflage your dune buggy with the surroundings, or go vibrant with one of our bold powder coating colors to show off your dune buggy on the beach or dune surface. Whichever color pallet you have in mind, our team works with you to bring that vision to life.

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Sandblast, Prime, Powder Coat

To ensure that your dune buggy is properly protected from rust and corrosion, our Quality Powder Coating team recommends the three step powder coating process. The powder coating process includes: sandblasting, priming, and powder coating. Each of these steps helps guarantee the longevity of the powder coat. Sandblasting is the most important step to the powder coating process because it prepares the metal to be powder coated by adding a profile to the surface. The three step powder coating process also comes with a 1 year guarantee against rust and corrosion.