Achieve a maintenance-free finish for your gates and metalwork with our metal powder coating in Utah.

Powder coating is an oven-cured finish applied over galvanized metalwork. As a durable, long-lasting coating, it offers a superior look to plain metal gates. The application is seamless through special spray guns, which electrostatically charge the powder to make it adhere to your metal surfaces. Unlike paint, powder coatings last longer and are eco-friendly.

For maximum benefit, galvanize your surfaces before applying a metal powder coating to your gates or wrought iron. Galvanizing your metalwork prevents the spread of rust, so powder coating it first gives it an added layer of protection.


Powder Coating for Metal Gates in Utah


If your outside metal gates are not properly coated, it will only take a few years for them to succumb to rust and corrosion. At Quality Powder Coating, we want to ensure that your metal railings stand the test of time. Our metal powder coating in Utah protects metal from the effects of harsh weather conditions such as rain, hail and snow, protecting the finish from rust, corrosion, scratches, chips and fading.

Here’s how we perform our powder coating process for metal gates:

Sandblast to a “White Finish”: The process of sandblasting helps remove any traces of oil, paint, rust, corrosion, etc. from the metal gate and prepares the metal for the powder coating process.

Epoxy Primer: Adding an epoxy primer prepares the metal to be powder coated. The primer seeps into the microscopic profiles that the sandblasting created to help the powder coat apply evenly to the surface.

Powder Coat: The final step to the powder coating process is adding the powder coating to the metal gate. The powder coat is applied to the metal gate by way of a spray gun that applies an electrostatic charge to attract powder to the metal gate. Once the powder has been evenly applied, it is placed in the oven at 400 degrees.

Our powder coating process has been tested by third-party sources and perfected to bring you the best powder coating on the market. And over the years, we’ve applied metal powder coatings and helped clients in Utah achieve the curb appeal they desire.

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Steps to Powder Coating Your Utah Metal Gates


Step #1

If you want lasting quality, sandblasting is the only way to go. Sandblasting involves propelling an abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to make it smooth. We sandblast your surfaces to a clean, white metal finish. Every part of your gate will be cleaned and uniformly textured for a lasting bond. Following this procedure is critical to lasting performance.

Step #2

We hang your gate and use special spray guns to statically charge the powder particles so they cling to grounded powder particles. After that, an epoxy primer is applied for optimal corrosion resistance. Then we add a high-grade topcoat. Every square inch is inspected for uniform coverage. You can specify gloss, texture and color to fit your needs.

Step #3

We place your gate in a curing oven where it’s heated to 400 degrees. Our state-of-the-art heating technology liquefies and hardens the powder to a glossy finish. Expect a quick turnaround for your project; we have one of the biggest curing ovens in Utah and it bakes powder into aluminum castings swiftly.

Remember, a finish may look fantastic on the outside but have poor bonding. For ideal performance, we sandblast to a clean white finish.

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