There have been a lot of myths regarding powder coating for aluminum rims. We are here to debunk those myths once and for all. It is perfectly safe to powder coat aluminum rims in Utah as long as you follow the correct process when refinishing your wheels.

At Quality Powder Coating, we apply powder coating for aluminum rims. Our team works with aluminum rims on a daily basis and has extensive training in powder coating aluminum.

If you have aluminum rims that need powder coating, take your automobile to our facility in Utah today. Also, feel free to give us a call or fill out the contact form on the right-hand side.

-Variety of powder coating colors to choose from
-Resists scratches, corrosion, rust, and fading
-Provides an environmentally friendly finish


24hr Turnaround for Car Rim Powder Coating!

Quality Powder Coating can custom finish your wheels in only 24hrs. Powder Coating Aluminum Wheels is an extensive process. Our methods have been thoroughly tested to ensure the highest performance. Now you can get your wheels done without waiting a week or more to get the job done. We have refined the process to reduce cost and guarantee quality.

Utah Experts’ Powder Coating for Aluminum Rims Process


See below for 5 steps to Powder Coating you should know before refinishing your wheels.


Step 1 Drop off your car. Our experienced team will get started right away. Quality Powder Coating has teamed up with an established automotive shop to handle all Wheel Dismount, Remount and Balance. You won’t have to worry about amateurs working on your car.

Step 2 The original wheels are dismounted, valve stem and weights are removed to prepare for sandblasting. The following stages must be followed to ensure lasting results. Reported problems with powder coating aluminum rims are a direct result of improper blasting or short-cutting the process. Be sure to confirm your Wheels are sandblasted to a Specification SSPC 5/NACE clean “white Metal” finish.

Step 3 The original wheels are sandblasted to a clean “White Metal” finish. This ensures a maximum powder bond. All impurities are removed before the powder is applied. This process also profiles the surface to provide for better adhesion. If your wheels aren’t sandblasted thoroughly the finish will be prone to flake or peel.

Step 4 The sandblasted wheels are statically charged and a small molecule epoxy primer is applied. After the primer is applied the wheels are heated to 400 degrees. The Primer offers a tighter mechanical bond between the top coat and the metal.

Step 5 Powdered wheels are heated to 400 degrees. After critical temperature is maintained the wheels are removed and returned to room temperature. The cooling process will harden the coating to a durable glossy finish. The powder coated wheels are returned to the body shop and mounted. Lugs are hand torqued for a final touch. Every wheel is finally inspected to confirm a perfect finish. 24hrs Later your vehicle is ready for pickup. Quality Powder Coating will warranty your new wheels against rust or corrosion for 1 year.

If you don’t know the Powder Coating Best Practices, you’re liable to end up with flaking, chipping or corrosion. At Quality Powder Coating you won’t have to worry about these issues. We take every measure to ensure a quality powder coating and lasting results.

Our Standards ensure your wheels are done right the first time. From the hand torqued lugs to the refined curing process, we provide the highest quality powder coating on the market. This is backed by our 1 Year Guarantee against rust and corrosion.

Not all Powder Coaters are created equal. We are a PCI member and follow the Powder Coated Tough best practices. When considering other vendors, make sure you are getting what you pay for. Drop off your car today and pick it up tomorrow. Get the custom look you want without compromise!