Powder Coating for Car Parts

Powder Coating has become the number one option for automotive and transportation parts. Wheels, bumpers, window trim, ashtrays, truck seat frames, door handles, and more can be powder coated at our facility in Spanish Fork, UT. Our facility is equipped with 2 powder coating ovens to provide quick turn around times on all car automotive and transportation parts.


Keys To a Lasting Powder Coating Finish on Utah Car Parts

Key #1

For supreme quality, sandblasting is the only option. At Quality Powder Coating we sandblast to a clean white metal finish. Every inch of your parts will be uniformly textured for best results. The finish will fail on your parts if your powder coater does not blast to a ‘white finish.’ Make sure your powder coater follows this key, if they cut corners – your finish will fail. With car parts, you can’t afford to have a finish fail after pulling them and reassembly.

Key #2

Your parts are hung and sprayed with an electrostatic charged gun. An epoxy primer is applied for optimal corrosion resistance. The epoxy primer can make your finish last up to ten times longer. After baking and curing, a high grade top coat is added. Every square inch is inspected for uniform coverage. You can specify the gloss, texture and color to fit your specifications.

Key #3

Your parts must be heated to four hundred degrees. If the parted is not heated completely through, flaking will occur. In the oven the powder will liquefy to a glossy finish. As the part cools the finish will harden and become permanently bonded to your parts. Remember, a finish may look fantastic on the outside and have very poor bonding. It is crucial that your parts are sandblasted to a ‘clean white’ finish.

Before you powder coat your parts, confirm your vendor follows these procedures. This will guarantee you get what you pay for. Quality Powder Coating backs every project with a full one year warranty

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