Fence Powder Coating Process

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Step #1

For a finish that will last, the steel must be prepped with thorough sandblasting. At Quality Powder Coating your fence will be properly sandblasted for the most durable outdoor finish on the market. The finish will fail on your parts if your powder coater does not blast to a ‘white finish.’ If your fence is not properly blasted your finish will fail.

Step #2

Your fence will be hung and primed with a zinc rich primer. The epoxy primer can make your finish last up to ten times longer. After baking and curing, a top of your choice is added. You can select the color, texture and gloss to suit your preferences.

Step #3

The fencing will be heated to four hundred degrees. If all materials are not heated completely through, flaking will occur. His is a common problem with varying thicknesses in material. To prevent these problems Quality Powder Coating has developed a timing method to be sure all metals reach the proper temperature.

During the curing process, the powder will harden and bond to your fencing. Remember, a finish may look fantastic on the outside and have very poor bonding. It is crucial that your parts are sandblasted to a ‘clean white’ finish and the fence is baked properly.